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Val's Pick: "Bluebird" by Sharon Cameron

Novels with the label of “young adult” (YA) are recommended for readers between the ages of 12 and 18. As a result, these novels are often dismissed by those of us who no longer fit into that age range. Bluebird by Sharon Cameron is marketed as a YA novel but don’t let that label keep you from reading this excellent World War II historical fiction novel.

We are introduced to Eva as she flees post-war Europe with her friend, Brigit, to start a new life in America. She has been granted passage to America for herself and Brigit as part of a deal to obtain and disclose the secrets of Project Bluebird. Project Bluebird is the code name for a terrible experiment carried out in concentration camps during World War II. It is information that both the Americans and Soviets are desperate to obtain. But Eva wants more than the promise of a new life in America - she wants justice for the terror that the creator of Project Bluebird inflicted on his victims. In order to get justice, she will have to break the deal she made to get to America and possibly sacrifice her future. To share any more details of the plot would deny readers the thrill of reading Eva’s story as both her past and future unfurl.

The author, Sharon Cameron, thoroughly researched the people, places, and events portrayed in this book. If you are interested in learning more about the real world events that inspired this novel, please make sure and read the author’s note.

There are so many excellent World War II historical fiction novels to put on your “to read’ list. Bluebird by Sharon Cameron is a worthy addition.

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