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Mariah's Pick: "Bring Me Your Midnight" by Rachel Griffin

Tana has always known her fate: marry Landon, the governor’s son, to keep the peace between the mainland and her coven’s island. The mainlanders have accepted the witches for a while now, but only if they agree to feed a portion of their power to the ocean each month and practice “low magic”.

But when Tana accidentally misses that midnight ritual, she learns that their magic is causing dangerous currents in the sea—currents that could ruin any relationship the island has with the mainlanders. Then she meets Wolfe, a mysterious islander who practices a long forbidden magic and says he can help her. She’s discovering a whole new world that feels…right. But with her fate headed in one direction and her heart heading in another, which side will she choose, and how will it affect her beloved coven?

Bring Me Your Midnight is one of the most intriguing YA fantasies I’ve read in a long time! The magic system was so different and I loved the way it was interwoven with the sea. Tana is a quietly strong heroine and her relationship with Wolfe was so sweet. I loved seeing the familiar young adult/parent tension that had its own happy ending, as well as a wonderful portrayal of friendship with our side characters. As a stand-alone, the ending did feel a little rushed and “too perfect”, but it didn’t detract from my overall enjoyment of the story. I really hope to see a sequel!

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