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Sami's Pick: "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" by Mac Barnett and illustrated by Jon Klassen

In this retelling of the classic Billy Goats Gruff, readers will encounter a delightful, and at times, a bit dark, story of a troll and three goats.

The illustrations are what stood out and had me reaching for this book, but Barnett's rhythmic and comical storytelling make this an unforgettable read aloud. The trolls' imaginative feasts seem to grow sillier as the book goes on, and the comical twists as the billy goats get bigger and bigger make this a fun book for kids and adults.

While the illustrations in this book could come off as scary for some young readers, the troll seems to counter this with his plans for the goats. “I love goat! Let me count the ways. A rump of goat in honey glaze. Goat smoked, goat poached, a goat pot roast. Goat smorgasbord! Goat smeared on toast! ...” on and on the troll goes as he imagines all the ways he will feast. Each goat is able to finagle their way across the bridge with promises of a bigger brother until concluding with the biggest billy goat brother sending the troll flying off the page in a hilarious ending.

This book is absolutely perfect for a read aloud and tops my list for 2022 Picture Books.

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