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"My First-Learn-To-Talk Book" | Reviewed by Chris Stuckenschneider

Adorable photographs of babies and toddlers are just one of the standout, educational perks offered in “My First Learn-To-Talk Book,” by Stephanie Cohen, a speech-language pathologist.

This board book allows little ones to mimic facial expressions they see on the pages, express sounds associated with a series of statements beginning with “When,” identify colors, and chime in on the sing-song rhyme.

“When I EAT an apple, my mouth says “MMM!”

“When my mind is THINKING, my mouth says “HMMMM…”

Each of the sounds is encased in a word bubble and each word bubble is outlined in a color matching the color shown in a child’s action or feeling.

For example, on the page with the upset child the text reads: “When I’m really SAD, my mouth says “WAAAAAH!” Both the SAD and the “WAAAAAH!” are shown in vivid green.

Toddlers and babies engaged in a variety of activities are on display too—the funniest shows a child who has face-planted onto a soft cushion, a mishap sure to illicit empathy, “When I FALL DOWN, my mouth says “OW!”

The author delivers a useful lesson to little ones on a spread that features playtime sharing: “When I go DOWN A SLIDE, my mouth says “WHEEE!”

“When I want to have a turn, my mouth says, “ME!”

At the end of this simple, yet very helpful and entertaining book, parents and caretakers can put into practice tips that Cohen offers on helping children learn to talk and a reminder that talking is a “process.” Another book in the series, “My First-Learn-to-Talk Book: Things That Go” follows the same format and is equally advantageous.

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