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"Ice Cream & Dinosaurs: (Groovy Joe #1) | Reviewed by Chris Stuckenschneider

A doggy, dinosaurs and dance—what a jazzy trio. All can be found in “Ice Cream & Dinosaurs (Groovy Joe #1), a toe-tapping, rhyming kid-pleaser by Eric Litwin.

Kiddos will get their boogie on with this winning book about a pup that loves to lap up ice cream, but has his edible desire curtailed by unwanted, lumbering reptiles from old.

The banjo-strumming doggy is set to dig into a carton of Haagen Dogs. “Groovy Joe was living the dream. He had a spoon and a tub of ice cream. And he started to sing…Love my doggy ice cream! Love my doggy ice cream.”

When from out of the blue, a green interloper appears at his door with a “ROAR!!” The horned dinosaur “…glared at the ice cream and took out a …spoon. He put on a bib! He pulled up a chair!”

While other doggies and humans might have pitched a fit, and hugged their ice cream to their hearts, Groovy Joe doesn’t. He puts his growling tummy aside, and exclaims,“It’s awesome to share!” Then the doggy and dinosaur danced to the beat, “Love my doggy ice cream. Love my doggy ice cream.”

Groovy Joe has two more dinosaurs come to call, each increasing in size and ferocity. Each wanting some of Joe’s sweet treat until an abrupt disappointment nearly turns the day sour—but not for sunny Joe, a positive canine with can-do.

Before you can spell Triceratops, Joe’s living room is transformed into a dance party as the pup repeats his catchy refrain, a tune that’s sure to have kiddos stomping to the beat.

“Ice Cream and Dinosaurs,” is a cute story with a good message, complimented by colorful, comic art by Tom Lichtenheld that gives each character a distinct, fun-loving personality. To top it off, this entertaining book includes free songs to download so all ages can join Groovy Joe as he gets down—dig his music and later dig into his sweet treat too.

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