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"Let's Find Yaya & Boo at Home!" Reviewed by Chris Stuckenschneider

Who wouldn’t want to seek and find two adorable black-and-white dogs in a brightly colored book that’s sure to delight? Meet Yaya and Boo as they hide among household objects, and find ingenious places, high and low, to camouflage themselves.

“Let’s Find Yaya and Boo at Home” is an entertaining pleasure from first page to last, a board book kids will clamor to get their hands on by Andrew Knapp.

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the antics of two canine cuties as they move from front porch to backyard, from treehouse to garage, to lemonade stand to chicken coop. Along the way there are plenty of items to identify, in each of the locations, including more common spots like the kitchen, bathroom, and playroom.

Every porch needs a broom, a flower pot and hopefully a package out for delivery. They’re all here, along with two furry favorites peeping from behind a bush and peering out from ground level. The dogs don’t get all wet in the bathroom, though the tub is full of bubbles, instead Boo sneakily peeps out from behind a shower curtain, while Yaya’s reflection in a hand mirror give his position away.

Humor is the ticket on each spread too, items haphazardly left here and there could cause issues that older kids might predict—a roll of toilet tissue threatens to unfurl as it lays haphazardly on the bathroom floor, a skateboard at foot of the stairs threatens life and limb, and on every page a little stuffed animal appears in the most unlikely of places.

Fortunately, the stuffed animals are reunited in a child’s bedroom when nighttime comes, steadfast Yaya at the door ready to wish a sleepy child “sweet dreams.” More adventures are sure to follow with the rising sun and another reread of this fun, fulfilling book.

Other photography board books featuring the author’s dogs are available, including those starring Knapp’s former, beloved pooch—Border Collie Momo. Watch for a new picture book about Momo next Feb. when “Find Momo Everywhere” publishes.

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