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Mariah's Pick: "The True Love Experiment" by Christina Lauren

Fizzy is a fun, outgoing romance author who never planned to settle down and loves living wild and free. When a bad breakup leaves her with writer’s block and a lengthy dry spell, she begins to question whether she really is as happy as she used to think.

Enter Connor, an uptight documentary director and single dad. He just got an ultimatum: come up with the next big reality tv show or lose your job. He’s seriously considering quitting when the new DNADuo dating app and a chance encounter at a bar strike inspiration. Connor and Fizzy are going to have to help each other—even if neither of them believes in the direction of this new show. But when sparks begin flying on set, will they be able to deny their feelings and stay professional?

Once again, Christina Lauren delivers a fantastic romance! I couldn’t put this story down—the slow burn, the tension, and the unique storyline had me hooked right from the start. Christina and Lauren never fail to deliver both humor and depth in their characters and The True Love Experiment is no exception.

This story is a spin-off sequel to The Soulmate Equation. It can be read as a stand-alone, but I recommend reading both for clearer context.

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