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Mariah's Pick: "The Foxglove King" by Hannah Whitten

Lore has always looked out for herself, working as a poison runner with an ability for necromancy she has to fight to keep secret. When a cartel job goes wrong, she finds herself shackled by the Sainted King, facing an ultimatum: use her magic to spy on The Sun Prince or die. Together, she and Gabe, a duke-turned-monk-turned-duke, will have to balance espionage and court politics to unravel decades-old secrets and stop a coup.

This story full of unique life & death wielding magic, a blossoming love triangle, a land ruled by theocracy, and precarious friendships will be impossible to put down.

This might just be one of my new favorite gothic-fantasy novels. It is published as a romance, but had very little to speak of in this first book. I'm expecting the sequel to feature much more relationship building between all characters and while the story didn't end on a complete cliffhanger, I am left with many questions I can't wait to have answered as the story unfolds! Fans of The Grishaverse series' and From Blood and Ash will love The Foxglove King by Hannah Whitten!

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