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Mariah's Pick: "Secretly Yours" by Tessa Bailey

Bubbly gardener, Hallie Welch, fell hard for Julian Vos after their almost-kiss years ago. After being hired to landscape the gardens of the Vos family vineyards, Hallie can't resist the temptation of her old crush being back in town--even if he might not remember her--and one drunken girl's night mistake later, decides to leave a secret admirer letter for Julian. As they continue to clash each time they meet, will her secret letters be enough to make things right?

Tessa Bailey has made quite a name for herself in the contemporary romance genre and for good reason! Secretly Yours is an adorable take on the grumpy/sunshine trope. With fantastic character growth and a cast of side characters you can't help but love, this is the first of a new duology that's going to be just as big as It Happened One Summer!

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