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Mariah's Pick: "Kingdom of the Feared" by Kerri Maniscalco

(NOTE: This review has some mild spoilers for Kingdom of the Wicked and Kingdom of the Cursed. While the first book of the trilogy is considered Young Adult, please be aware of the mature content in the second and third books that make them more appropriate for the New Adult category.)

After lots of drama, conspiracy, and cliff-hangers in the first two books of this series, I couldn't wait to get my hands on the final story of this trilogy. The early twists and turns honestly had me questioning whether I would enjoy this book as much as I had hoped, but after a few chapters it did not disappoint!

Unlike the first two novels, where twin sisters, Emilia and Vittoria, are largely pitted against one another, we finally witness some of the heartwarming sisterly bond that originally tied them, as well as plenty of realistic sibling rivalry, from both the girls and the Princes of Hell. I really appreciated how Emilia grew out of her earlier naivete and began to really come into her power as more than just a witch.

All in all, Kingdom of the Feared was a satisfying culmination of all of the magic of the prior books, ending perfectly on a happy, if a little predictable, note. There were plenty of twists and thrills--including the potential for a spin-off series! If you love witchy fantasy novels, full of cunning, intrigue, and strong female leads, you'll enjoy the Kingdom of the Wicked series.

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