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Mariah's Pick: "Fourth Wing" by Rebecca Yarros

Wow, this book has broken the internet for very good reason! Fourth Wing is an epic fantasy with some of my favorite tropes: dragon magic, a compelling enemies to lovers romance, disability/chronic illness inclusion, a slight love triangle, and telepathy banter!

Like most high fantasies, there was some initial world building that I found a little boring to get through. Lots of similar names and many military-esque titles to remember, but our heroine is likeable enough that it broke up some of the drier story development and kept me invested. By the tenth chapter, I could tell this was a story I was going to have to either pace myself with or prepare for a major book hangover—I’ll let you guess which won out.

If you love a suspenseful storyline, a strong female lead who doesn’t back down, and a bit of higher-up conspiracy, Fourth Wing will be a 5 star favorite for you, too!

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