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Mariah's Pick: "Ciao for Now" by Kate Bromley

During her summer internship at an Italian fashion house, Violet has a disastrous run in with her new professor’s cute and surly son, Matteo. Their animosity grows as they spend the following weeks forced into each other’s company, but the chemistry is undeniable. Violet desperately needs to pull off this runway competition and can’t afford another distraction - will her determination cost her something even greater than she dreamed?

Ciao for Now is my favorite Kate Bromley novel to date! I felt like I was sightseeing Rome in real life, with beautiful scenery, amazing food, and gorgeous clothes! This was such a lighthearted and sweet summer read, with just enough backstory to keep me invested in every character. I loved Violet from the beginning and seeing her figure things out on her own gave the novel a really satisfying ending. Highly recommend this one for your summer TBR (to-be-read) list!

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