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Mariah's Pick: "Book Lovers"by Emily Henry

“Sometimes, even when you start with the last page and you think you know everything, a book finds a way to surprise you.”

Nora Stephens is a ruthless literary agent and reputed “ice princess”. When her sister, Libby, practically begs her to make a last minute trip together, she decides to prove to her (and maybe herself) that she’s not as cold and calculating as she might seem. The only problem? She can’t seem to stop running into the one person that gets under her skin: Charlie Lastra, acclaimed editor and all around pain in the rear. As our brooding protagonists continually find themselves forced to work together, they begin to understand not only themselves, but each other.

Emily Henry has nailed yet another insightfully witty romantic comedy. Book Lovers is not your typical small-town romance, but with a cast of achingly adorable—if not a little grumpy—characters, still manages to be just as heartwarming.

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