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Maria's Pick: "Horse" by Geraldine Brooks

I have always loved Geraldine Brooks' historical fiction so I was very excited to to grab her latest work, Horse. It was well worth the wait.

Spanning three different time periods, the stories revolve around a record breaking racehorse named Lexington, who lived in the mid 1800’s in Kentucky. He is cared for by a dedicated enslaved groom named Jaret, whose life we follow through slavery and the Civil War.

A 1950’s New York gallery owner is fascinated with a 19th century oil painting of the horse brought to her by a desperate young black woman who had no idea of its value.

In 2019, a Smithsonian scientist and a Nigerian art historian are brought together by their individual discoveries of the skeleton of this racehorse and a discarded painting that was found at a neighbors’ garage sale.

So well written, so well researched - I highly recommend this book even if, like me, you don’t think you care much about horse racing. The story is about racing, race, and so much more.

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