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Maria's Pick: "Fellowship Point" by Alice Elliott Dark

Agnes Lee, now in her 80’s, is an author of children’s books and writes an adult fiction series under a pen name. She and her lifelong friend, Polly, grew up in wealthy Quaker families in Philadelphia. Agnes’ great-grandfather purchased 146 acres on the Maine Coast, which was divided among family members and a few friends. Agnes and Polly spent their summers there together and now the property is threatened by commercial development.

Maud, an enthusiastic young woman who works in publishing, approaches Agnes about writing a memoir. Agnes hesitates - there are secrets that Agnes is hesitant to divulge. She eventually lets Maud read some old letters to her dead sister that reveal the back story of her life.

What I appreciated the most about Fellowship Point was that instead of the flat, stereotypic portrayal of older adults that is found so much in fiction, the author gives these characters depth, complexity of relationships, and a rich history that was very refreshing.

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