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Laurie's Pick: "The Shadow House" by Anna Downes

The Shadow House is a terrifying and suspenseful thrill ride that compares the experiences of two mothers.

Alex is a mother fleeing an abusive relationship in Sydney for the safety of an off-the-grid community. No sooner than she arrives, strange things begin to happen. She tries to shrug things off, but the incidents become increasingly more disturbing and unexplainable. As Alex struggles to create a safe and secure home for her two children, it becomes apparent that the real danger is within her own community. Renee, who had lived here in the past, had similar experiences resulting in the disappearance of her teenage son. Alex begins to piece together Renee’s story while using it to solve the mystery unfolding in her own life.

Anna Downes creates an extraordinarily creepy and tense tale with a cast of unusual characters that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It highlights the strength of a mother’s love and what lengths she will go to in order to protect her child. There were many plot twists that I didn't see coming. Beware - do not read this book late at night!

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