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Laurie's Pick: "Project Hail Mary" by Andy Weir

When Ryland Grace awakens on a spacecraft, he quickly realizes that he is the sole survivor of his ship. While battling coma induced amnesia, he must try to unravel his mission as well as become the entire crew on the Hail Mary. As flashes of memory return, Ryland begins to face his own demons and the inadequacies of his previous life on Earth.

When Ryland realizes that humans are not the only species trying to unravel the mystery of a devastating solar microbe, an incredible team is born that demonstrates that friendship and loyalty transcend all life


At first glance, Andy Weir’s new novel is about saving the human race and planet Earth. However, as you begin to turn the pages, it becomes clear that the hero is personally struggling with so much more. In the style of “The Martian”, Weir unravels a complex story of friendship, redemption, and the will to survive. “Project Hail Mary” will thrill science fiction lovers who enjoy solving problems with fun fantastical science.

Book reviewed by Laurie Reed, Neighborhood Reads Bookseller.

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