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Laurie's Pick: "Girl in Ice" by Erica Ferencik

Valerie Chesterfield is a linguist struggling with the apparent suicide of her twin brother. As she wonders if foul play was involved, she receives a desperate request from Wyatt, her brother’s fellow researcher in the Arctic. The team has discovered a young girl frozen in a glacier. This girl has impossibly thawed out alive and is frantically speaking an ancient Nordic language that needs interpretation. Suffering from grief and anxiety, Val scrapes together enough medication to make it through the long weeks of isolation and heads north. Eager to find out what happened to her brother and curious about the young girl, Val travels to Greenland to unravel these 2 mysteries. When she arrives she discovers the girl is sick and possibly dying. Can she discover the truth of how her brother died and save this special child?

This book is a thriller that was hard to put down. The cast of misfit characters is well balanced enough to keep any reader guessing. Although at times it had a dark desperate feel, I enjoyed the exploration of current topics such as climate change, ethical medical research, and greed.

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