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Laurie's Pick: "Bring Your Baggage and Don't Pack Light: Essays" by Helen Ellis

When Helen Ellis and her friends get together nothing is sacred. As the title suggests, these women “unpack their baggage”, and nobody holds back. Ellis recounts hilarious stories of questionable plastic surgery, crazy psychics, as well as bad mammograms. As a team, Ellis’ friends can survive any problem. You will laugh and cry as they support each other through all the crazy things that occur as women age. Ellis reminds us that “young” is a word that depends on how old you are when you use it.

I first picked up this book because it reminded me of the relationships I have with my friends. This collection of essays recounts relatable stories that are both humorous and honest. I completely enjoyed the thoughtful way Helen Ellis depicted each character, and how they supported each other while aging gracefully. Her most important message is that humor is everything. I think this book would make a great birthday gift for anyone who is struggling with a milestone birthday or just loves to laugh.

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