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Gabbi's Pick: "They Wish They Were Us" by Jessica Goodman

At Gold Coast Prep, the Players are treated like royalty. They run the school and the town. They never thought their wild behavior would be a bad thing. Until it was. During their freshman year of high school, the Players lost one of their own, Shalia Arnold. It was believed she was murdered by her boyfriend, Graham. Three years later, Shaila’s friend, Jill, and a member of the Players start receiving texts declaring Graham’s innocence. Although Jill was hoping to have a regular, fun filled, senior year, she promises to find out the truth, even though it may ruin her future and her friendships. Will justice finally be served for Shaila?

Jessica Goodman creates a fast-paced novel about loyalty, power, and the cost of perfection. This book is more than just a mystery; you’ll create relationships with the characters and feel as if you’re there with Jill, solving the mysteries of Gold Coast, Long Island.

Book reviewed by Gabbi Ziglin, Neighborhood Reads Bookseller

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