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Debbie's Pick: "Underland: A Deep Time Journey" by Robert MacFarlane

In Underland: A Deep Time Journey, Robert MacFarlane takes the reader into the vast complexity of the worlds beneath our feet. These worlds measure time in epochs and aeons, in stone and ice, in ochre and plate tectonics.

MacFarlane’s lyrical prose carries the reader from the salt mine shafts miles under the North Sea, to raucous parties deep beneath the catacombs of Paris, and continuing on to blue crevasses under the Greenland ice cap. Along the way he meets spelunkers, archeologists, astronomers, freedom fighters, glaciologists, and philosophers as they bring history—past, present, future—from the depths to the surface.

The underland is a place of myth where humans go exploring from light to dark and back out into the light. This book explores how our sense of place is informed by the mystery and science of the worlds beneath our feet.

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