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Debbie's Pick: "The Man Who Died Twice" by Richard Osman

In Richard Osman’s first mystery novel, The Thursday Murder Club, four residents of Cooper’s Chase, a retirement center for the well-to-do, come together to solve a murder that happens on the grounds. We meet Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim, all septuagenarians with insight and spunk and plenty of life-force. In The Man Who Died Twice, the fantastic four are again faced with mysteries and murder. Ibrahim is viciously attacked and Elizabeth’s ex-husband comes to her for help as he flees the mob boss from whom he has stolen a fortune’s worth of diamonds. The four friends must again work together both inside and outside of the law to avenge Ibrahim’s assault and solve the larger mysteries instigated by the diamond heist.

What is appealing and almost unique about Osman’s characters is that they are lively, intelligent, complex—and older. They have both the knowledge and wisdom that come from long life experiences. His writing is also sharp and witty with some genuine humor in the midst of the investigations the characters undertake. Anyone whole enjoys Golden Age mysteries (e.g. Christie and Sayers) will enjoy curling up with this book and reading well into the night.

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