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Debbie's Pick: "The Bullet That Missed" by Richard Osman

The Thursday Murder Club has found a new case to investigate: the murder of Bethany Waites. Her car was pushed over Sherlock Falls, but there is no body. What happened? Four friends at Coopers Chase retirement home are re-opening the 10-year-old cold case.

The Bullet That Missed is the third installment of Richard Osman’s Thursday Mystery Club books. As with the first two books, four unlikely friends come together to solve the mystery. As Elizabeth, Ibrahim, Joyce, and Ron look into the case, they meet a KGB colonel, a master money-launderer, along with other criminal elements, some more sinister than others. All are involved in a scam to embezzle millions from the government. But where is the money? And who committed the growing number of murders?

Their search leads them from a prison cell complete with an espresso machine to a penthouse with a sky pool. They also deepen a liaison with the local police that is on a more comfortable footing with the Club than in the former books. The detectives decide it is better to work with this quirky group rather than make attempts to keep them away, attempts that never work anyway.

Richard Osman’s writing and characters continue to delight. His writing is light-hearted and sincere with humor and plot twists long the way. Osman’s main characters exhibit the depth of friendship we all hope to find as we grow older. The added cast members round out a sometimes madcap group. This is a gentle mystery perfect for a quick and enjoyable read.

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