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Cheryl's Pick: "Nothing More to Tell" by Karen M. McManus

Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus is a young adult novel about buried secrets that refuse to stay buried.

Four years ago Brynn left Saint Ambrose School after her favorite teacher, Mr. Larkin, was murdered. After landing her dream job as an intern for a true crime show, Brynn convinces the show to investigate the murder for one of the episodes. She returns to Saint Ambrose School to investigate and hopefully uncover what happened in the woods on the day of the murder.

It doesn’t go well. Brynn's former friends don’t approve of her investigation into that day. Then the show decides to pull the plug on her story. Despite all of the obstacles in her way, Brynn refuses to stop investigating. Someone got away with murder four years ago, and Brynn is determined to find out who it was.

The ending was so unexpected - I never saw it coming! I highly recommend Nothing More to Tell by Karen M. McManus.

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