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"World Travel" | Reviewed by Sonja C. Perry

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Anthony Bourdain became a household name because of his love of food, travel television shows, and writings; his work has transported millions from their living rooms to exotic locations across the world.

Bourdain, and co-author Laurie Woolever, planned “World Travel” together, which they wanted to be part travel guide, part essays on love and food, and part behind the scene stories of famous episodes from Bourdain’s popular shows, “Parts Unknown,” “No Reservations” and “The Layover.”

Their plan was hatched over a 1-hour audio recording with the full intention of perusing the writing and editing process together—intentions that never came to fruition due to the sudden, tragic death of Bourdain in 2018.

Tasked with finishing the guide, Woolever delivers a captivating world tour of places visited and beloved by Bourdain. This book is much more than a travel guide about how to fly into various cities and countries, with suggestions on where to stay, it also includes insight into the political, economic circumstances in each country it covers with wit and charm.

Though it’s 450 pages, which may seem initially daunting, much of the book is written using Bourdain's own words, and no destination is covered in more than 10 pages making it a perfect nightly read for the grounded world traveler, venturesome foodie or everyday curious mind.

“World Travel” moves quickly leaving the reader with an excitement and desire to explore, and longing to understand, the complexities of the world. This book has already inspired a flurry of text messages to friends planning future travel and will be a read I revisit before my next adventure.

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