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"With My Little Eye" | Reviewed by Susan Ferguson

“With My Little Eye” is a contemporary, psychological thriller by Joshilyn Jackson. This page turner contains plenty of suspense and enough fear to keep you on edge, wondering what will happen next.

Readers meet Meribel Mills just as she has returned to her hometown of Atlanta, Georgia. It isn’t her preferred place to live but it is better than staying in Los Angeles. The move was a necessary one. An aggressive stalker has her fearing for her life and for her adopted autistic daughter, Honor.

The nightmare for Meribel starts in Los Angeles with typical fan mail that many actors receive. Meribel assumes that it is the price of fame. Soon the amount of mail and its contents escalate. The letters contain disturbing descriptions and drawings (in scented markers) of what the stalker intends to do to Meribel. When Meribel returns home one day and realizes that the stalker (Marker Man) has been in her apartment, she knows it is time to accept the television role that will move her back to Atlanta and far away from California.

Meribel’s years as an actor have given her a sixth sense, she can feel when she is being watched. Just as she has begun to feel safe, she has that uneasy feeling. Who is watching her? Is it her ex-husband, James, who still lives in Atlanta; her helpful neighbor, Cooper; or Cam, the boyfriend from Los Angeles. Everyone is a suspect and to make matters worse the letters have found their way to Meribel’s address in Atlanta.

This novel starts slowly but it builds, keeping you engaged until the surprising end. You become invested, just having to know who the stalker is. What happens to Meribel? The ending has an unpredictable twist that I never saw coming. Although it has some dark humor and plenty of creepiness, I had to finish. I had to know who the stalker is and so will you.

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