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"Win," | Reviewed by Pat Sainz

“Win,” by Harlan Coben, is sure to be another favorite for Coben’s worldwide followers. Win is the name of the main character, and fans will recognize him from Coben’s series featuring Myron Bolitar.

Windsor Horne Lockwood III, called Win, is among the richest persons in the United States. He lives up to his name. He lives in The Dakota in New York, flies in private jets, uses private drivers, wears only the best, dines in exclusive restaurants and has access to private clubs. He is incredibly handsome (he will admit it), and he oozes charm when it’s necessary. He is the sole inheritor of his family’s “old” money.

Win’s occupation involves counseling people on investment choices. His passion is seeking justice for people who have been victimized. Most recently, he ensured that a state college basketball coach could no longer use his legs. (Win’s training in martial arts serves him well.) The coach was a stalker and an abuser of women, one of whom Win came to know.

Win’s family history is filled with tragedy, betrayal and crime. Unsolved thefts of personally owned Vermeer and Picasso paintings haunt the Lockwoods. When the Vermeer is discovered following the murder of a domestic terrorist, clues lead to Win’s possible involvement.

Win’s cousin Patricia is well known for a charitable organization that provides services to victims of various forms of abuse. Patricia herself was the apparent target of a horrific crime when she was young, a crime that led to the deaths of several other young women. When the Picasso and the terrorist are discovered, Patricia’s dreadful experience makes the news again.

The famous Lockwoods have been trying to keep their dark secrets confidential for years. Now they are threatened with exposure. Disgrace, imprisonment and loss of fortune are potential outcomes if these secrets are uncovered.

Coben’s mystery thrillers are always entertaining and filled with satisfying plots and subplots. Some of Coben’s books have been made into recent Netflix series. I recommend this book to all fans of this prolific author and especially to those familiar with the Myron Bolitar series.


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