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"Who is Maud Dixon," | Reviewed by Susan Ferguson

The psychological thriller, “Who is Maud Dixon” is cleverly written, is full of suspense and has twists that provide a surprise ending.

Florence Darron was born in Florida but moves to New York City working as an assistant editor at a publishing house. Florence is a want-to-be-writer who is sure that she has a fantastic novel inside her. She just needs the right atmosphere for her words to start flowing. That opportunity comes when Florence is hired as a personal assistant to the brilliant new novelist, Maud Dixon. Florence can’t wait to learn from the best.

Maud first novel “Mississippi Foxtrot” is a story of murder and obsession. It is the talk of the town and everyone is dying to discover the true identity of Maud Dixon. Florence and Maud’s agent Greta are the only ones who know that Maud Dixon is really Helen Wilcox. Helen is odd—demanding and cold-hearted—but she and Florence click.

Florence accompanies Helen to Morocco to help with research for Helen’s new novel, set in Morocco. They are staying in the small town of Semat. Everything is going well until the car crash. Florence wakes up in a hospital and everyone is calling her Mrs. Wilcox. What happened? Where is Helen? Why do they think she is Helen?

Although the story started out a little slow, “Who Is Maud Dixon” quickly transforms into a book you can’t put down. This page-turner became more twisted and unpredictable after the car accident. I just had to keep reading to see what happened next. The ending surprised me at first, but as I thought about it the ending made sense. This novel will stay with you for a while.

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