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"What Kind of Mother" | Reviewed by Susan Ferguson

“What Kind of Mother” is a psychological horror story that’s a bit disorienting, yet thought provoking. It is a missing child story that combines supernatural horror (which involves a human body metamorphosing into sea creatures) and a weird suspense plot.

Madi Price leaves her hometown of Brandywine, Virginia as a teen mom and returns 17 years later in hopes of reuniting her daughter with her father. Madi comes from a long line of palm readers.

When Madi returns to Brandywine, she works at the local farmer’s market reading palms. Madi isn’t sure she really has any psychic power but she knows she provides people with hope and herself with an income.

Things change when her old high school flame, Henry McCabe, visits the market and decides to have his palm read. Henry has been looking for his missing son Skyler for five years, ever since his wife’s suicide. After reading Henry’s palm, Madi begins to have strange visions, maybe she does have some psychic powers.

With Madi’s help and support, Henry finds his son Skyler, but Skyler isn’t your normal child. Skyler is demanding of their attention, he never sleeps and he morphs into sea creatures. Life has just become very weird for Madi.

This missing child story is full of suspense, twists and grief. Even with all its weirdness, I couldn’t stop reading this book—I had to find out how it ended.

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