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"We Are Inevitable," | Reviewed by Amber Glastetter

“We Are Inevitable,” by Gayle Forman, is masterfully written and heart-wrenchingly brilliant. It’s storyline is humorous and humane, beautiful and broken. It’s the type of story you remember for its stark truthfulness.

Aaron Stein, age 18, has felt like his life is falling apart for some time now. His brother’s death, his mother’s decision to leave, and his father’s optimistic attitude, completely delusional and misguided, are issues that have been weighing him down.

A desire to end inevitable doom prompts him to sell his bookstore, which hasn’t been profitable since Aaron was named owner of the business on his 18th birthday. As soon as he sells it though, people pitch in to help fix the place up.

A group of bored lumberjacks, a wheelchaired adventurer, and the lead singer of a rock band effectively dismantle and refurbish the bookstore and as a result boost Aaron’s spirits—yet his doubt grows too—should he have sold the shop? And how is he going to tell his father he’s sold the bookstore, he wonders, all the while trying to figure out if it’s too late to get the shop back.

This beautifully woven tale of one man’s plight to find himself amidst the colossal dinosaur bone struggles he’s surrounded himself with is a must-read. “We Are Inevitable” is a book with the power to show us that perhaps life can go on, even after the asteroids hit.

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