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Val's Pick: "The Summer Place" by Jennifer Weiner

There are a few authors whose books I will buy no matter what the book is about. Jennifer Weiner is one of those authors. I have been a fan of Jennifer Weiner’s books ever since she published her first book, Good in Bed.

In 2020, she began publishing a “summer” book every May, starting with Big Summer, following up with That Summer in 2021, and her most recent title, The Summer Place. These books do not have to be read in order - they aren’t part of a series. However, they do share a common setting - Cape Cod in the summer.

The Summer Place follows a family preparing for a July wedding that will take place in their Cape Cod family home. Family members are keeping secrets that have the potential to ruin not only the wedding, but the family itself. Every chapter is narrated by a different family member involved with the wedding. Weiner even manages to make the house itself a narrator. Multiple narrators can either be confusing or clarifying for readers. In this case, the multiple narrators help clarify the family relationships for the reader.

If you enjoy multi-generational family dramas, The Summer Place is the perfect book to kick off your summer reading season.

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