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"True North" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"True North," by Andrew J. Graff, is the perfect book to pick up if you are feeling adventurous. Between the rugged setting of the story, and the heartwarming characters, this book has a little something for everyone. 

The two main characters, Sam and Swami, and their three children, are packing their lives into a Winnebago and moving to Wisconsin where they have inherited the Woodchuck Rafting Company.

Their marriage is rocky—not only must they overcome this strain in their marriage, they also have to deal with Mother Nature herself when flooding sets in.

On top of everything else, the couple isn’t the only outfitter in the area.

Will the rustic charm of Woodchuck Rafting Company be enough to compete with the new modern resort that just opened on the river?

    Find out in “True North,” an apt choice for readers looking for a good, heartfelt story with a splash of adventure.

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