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"The Wrong Kind of Weird" | Reviewed by Jade Kresse

“The Wrong Kind of Weird,” by James Ramos, is a novel full of ups and downs, and I really enjoyed it. The story follows Cameron Carson, affectionately known as Cam, who is a senior at Hilltop High School.

Technically, Cam is a nerd. He is one of the founders of G.A.N.U. (Geeks and Nerds United), which includes two of his friends, D'Anthony and Jocelyn, and his nemesis, Mackenzie Briggs.

Cameron is harboring a big secret that could break apart his friend group—he’s been hooking up with campus-famous Karla Ortega since the summer. Cam thinks that he belongs with Karla, but when she repeatedly shuns him in public, and he begins to have strange, unwelcome feelings about Mackenzie, he may have to rethink his priorities.

“The Wrong Kind of Weird” is well-thought out and filled with teenage awkwardness and cliques—and not just the popular cliques either. I liked this book because it included all of the hard moments and funny times of teenage years wrapped up in a perfect package of a truly relatable, realistic fictional novel.

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