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"The Truth About the Devlins" | Reviewed by Susan Ferguson

“The Truth About the Devlins,” by prolific Lisa Scottoline, is a thrilling murder mystery, full of twists and turns. It’s also a family drama that gradually unfolds, revealing lies that may tear the family apart.

The Devlins are a prominent family in Philadelphia. The mother and father have built a successful law practice, Devlin & Devlin. The oldest son John and daughter Gabby have joined the firm. Their other son, TJ, is the black sheep of the family. He is a recovering alcoholic who dropped out of college and then did some prison time due to an alcohol related crime. He now works as an unofficial investigator for the family law firm.

The story opens with the Devlins celebrating their father’s birthday. John asks TJ to help him because John thinks he has murdered a client. John and TJ return to the scene where John confronted the accountant of a firm they represent about embezzlement.

When they arrive at the park, there is no body and no car. John refuses to go to the police, as TJ suggests, and they return to the party relieved that there was no murder.  Later the accountant’s body is found in his car with a gunshot wound to the head. It is ruled a suicide. TJ isn’t convinced and begins investigating what really happened. 

Meanwhile their sister, Gabby, who does pro bono work needs TJ to help interview clients for her case. She is representing former prisoners who are dying as a result of the medical experiments performed on them while they were inmates.

As TJ investigates, he soon realizes that he and John are being followed. John’s mess has turned their lives upside down. TJ is determined to solve the mystery and save the family, but soon discovers that he isn’t the only family member with secrets.

“The Truth About the Devlins,” is a page-turning suspenseful family drama full of twists, secrets, side stories, and red herrings. The details and great character development keep the story moving. The story concludes with all the loose ends tied up and a definitive conclusion. It’s a fun read.



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