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"The Nightingale Affair" | Reviewed by Diane Disbro

“The Nightingale Affair” is the second Inspector Field novel that Tim Mason has written. I’d recommend reading his book “The Darwin Affair” before beginning “The Nightingale...” I didn't and between trying to catch up with references to Field's history, and trying to keep track of the past and present of his current case, the first quarter of “The Nightingale…” was challenging. Once I had all of the threads woven together, I did enjoy “The Nightingale…”

This tale, told in the classic whodunit-style, is set in London and the Crimea. Florence Nightingale, a wealthy British woman, organized women to treat soldiers injured in the war between the Ottoman Empire-Great Britain-France alliance and Russia in the mid-19th century. Many men didn't want women doing what was considered to be men's work.

Nightingale nurses were being killed first in Turkey, then, after the war ended, in London. “The Nightingale Murders” has tantalizing red herrings, exotic locations, and eccentric characters. Just what a reader wants for a quick escape read.

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