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"The First to Die at the End" | Reviewed by Jade Kresse

“The First to Die at the End,” by Adam Silvera, is an exciting rollercoaster of a novel—I loved it. The characters are entertaining and passionate, the plot is heart-wrenchingly captivating, and it was all so realistic that I felt like I was living alongside the characters.

One of the main characters is Orion Pagan. Ever since his parents died in 9/11, he has lived with his best friend Dalma's family. Then, five years ago, he was diagnosed with a severe heart condition. Now he lives in fear of his almost certain, untimely death.

Suddenly out of nowhere Death-Cast appears, a company that claims to be able to tell people the day they will die. Orion must immediately face Death-Cast Eve, meaning that night, at midnight, in New York City, Death-Cast will make its first call on the person to die that day.

The other main character, Valentino Prince, just moved to New York City. He wanted a fresh beginning, away from his old life, and New York City seemed like a good place to start—plus he had a photoshoot for a modeling agency. Valentino knows that people living in New York City are bored with the city and he didn’t want to take any day for granted. His idea is that if he lives like a tourist he won’t and that’s why he goes to Times Square for the Death-Cast Eve party.

When Orion and Valentino meet, they don’t know if Death-Cast is real or not, but they do know one thing--just like everyone else: when the clock strikes midnight, someone will be told they are going to die.

“The First to Die at the End” is a riveting tale, full of love and adventure. I loved this book because it made you want to read it over and over again. This read is a prequel to Adam Silvera’s book, “They Both Die in the End,” which I also highly recommend.

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