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"Swiped" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"Swiped," by L.M. Chilton, is the perfect mixture of comedy and suspense. This novel will have you both laughing and flying through the pages for answers. 

The main character, Gwen Turner, has just gone through a terrible breakup. Being single is bad enough, but her best friend also is getting married, leaving Gwen feeling even more alone than ever. Heartbroken and lonely, Gwen takes to finding love on dating apps.

For Gwen, online dating is a nightmare, and she’s beginning to believe her luck couldn’t get any worse. That is until the police show up. There has been a string of murders in the area, and they all have one thing in common. Each of the dates had been out with Gwen before they turned up dead.  

Gwen is now the main suspect, and she must track her past honeys to clear her name and unmask the killer.

"Swiped" is an absolute riot. It is equally hilarious and suspenseful, and perfect for fans of Jeneva Rose. This book is a must-read! 


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