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"Such a Good Wife" | Reviewed by Pat Sainz

“Such a Good Wife,” by Seraphina Nova Glass, is a novel about a wealthy suburban housewife who finds her outwardly stable family life in turmoil when she embarks on an affair with a local novelist. Melanie is attracted to the handsome, worldly novelist because he is living the life of which she once dreamed.

Melanie abandoned her own writing and publishing plans after the birth of her autistic son. Taking care of him and his older sister, a teen entering the rebellious stage, consumes her days. She carefully controls her underlying resentment.

Melanie’s husband senses her restlessness and encourages her to join a local writing group that meets weekly at the library. There, Melanie meets Luke Ellison, popular, wildly handsome, and known for his steamy romance novels. They are immediately attracted to each other and embark on a passionate affair.

Luke has failed to mention that he is still married, one of his several deceptions. He is new to town and renting a house to be near his mother, but has plans to spend some months in Italy. Melanie entertains the idea of joining him, in spite of still being in love with her kind and generous husband.

Melanie finds Luke dead from a fall in his home. His death seems suspicious. Melanie’s clothing is found on the premises. A stranger sends her a video taken of her leaving Luke’s property surreptitiously. She becomes a suspect. After she is bribed, she goes to great lengths to find the murderer and also to keep her affair secret.

“Such a Good Wife” is a chilling story. It could be read as a cautionary tale similar to ones in the movies such as “Unfaithful” and “Fatal Attraction.” Readers will have trouble putting the book down as it is highly readable, suspenseful and a welcome, entertaining end-of-summer read.

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