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"Shutter," | Reviewed by Susan Ferguson

“Shutter” is a fast-paced crime thriller that combines the supernatural and Navajo spirituality. This story, by Ramona Emmerson, centers around Rita Tedacheene. She grew up on a Navajo reservation in New Mexico with her grandmother. At a young age Rita was able to communicate with the dead. Her grandmother and local medicine man warned her not to let the spirits in, performing all kinds of rituals to prevent her from doing so.

With encouragement from her grandmother, Rita leaves for college intent on studying photography. She lands a job as a forensic photographer with the Albuquerque Police Department. Her ability to see and hear the ghosts of the crime victims allows her to photograph evidence that becomes paramount in solving crimes. Rita manages to keep her special abilities a secret from others—who would believe her anyway?

Life takes a big turn for Rita when a murder victim wants justice and is determined to use Rita to get it. She cannot ignore the crime victim, Erma Singleton. Erma haunts Rita forcing her to gather more information on her murder, putting Rita’s life in danger.

“Shutter” is a quick, easy read that bounces back and forth from Rita’s present to her past building a good back story in the process. This murder mystery is rife with crooked cops, drug cartels, the supernatural and Navajo rituals and customs.

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