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Sami's Pick: "Ugly Love" by Colleen Hoover

This was the first Colleen Hoover book I read, and I just…wow! If you are a fan of romance novels but are looking for a book that will give the realistic aspects of dating and falling in love, this book has it.

The story starts with the main character, Tate, moving in with her brother, who is a pilot and away frequently. Tate is a full time student and is working as a registered nurse, so naturally she is busy as well. Tate meets Miles almost immediately in this story, and we, the reader, are given over to Tate’s inner monologue as she describes just how attractive and annoying this man is. However, between her job, Miles' job, and Tate’s brother; Tate reiterates that she has no time for a relationship. This is only complicated more when Miles becomes infatuated with Tate but is concrete in his desire for a sex-only relationship- absolutely no dating or love. That is until Tate and Miles collide time and time again and share sweet moments that have Tate falling head over heels fast and reeling from the emotional bomb that is Miles. And when Miles finally explodes- the ugliest side of love is revealed.

Colleen Hoover pulled me into this love story so quickly and I was rooting for Tate and Miles (almost) the entire time. This story really dives into the sad side of love and loss and will leave you ugly crying before the book is over. I loved this book, I hated this book, and my emotions were all over the place. By the time I closed the back cover, I was already texting my sister telling her this was the next book she was going to read and it's the next book for you, too.

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