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"Rouge" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

“Rouge,” by Mona Awad, is a dark take on Snow White, with abundant nods to other beloved fairy tales. This book will suck you in with the premise of a fairy tale, and leave you unsettled with its dark twists.

Mirabelle, the main character, has just received news that her estranged mother has passed away. When Mirabelle returns to California for the funeral and to settle her mother's affairs, she is met with much more than she has bargained for. Not only has her mother accumulated a stifling amount of debt, she also has held onto some dark secrets.

As Mirabelle delves into her mother's past, she is led to La Maison de Meduse, a cult-like spa. The more Mirabelle learns about the spa, the less she remembers from her life before. After meeting a mysterious and seductive man at the spa, Mirabelle is left wondering why this man seems so familiar, and why she continually gets a bad feeling whenever he is near.

Readers will have a hard time putting this book down because of concern about what is going to happen to Mirabelle next.

“Rouge” is well-written gothic horror novel that deals with themes of grief and problems with today's beauty industry. This is a very unique read, and the perfect book to pick up as we enter a season of spookiness.

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