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Review: "Rebel Rose" | Reviewed by Samantha Hymer

We’ve all heard the story of “Beauty and the Beast,” but what happens after the so-called “happily ever after?”

In “Rebel Rose,” by Emma Theriault, set during at the start of the French Revolution, Belle tries to navigate ruling the land alongside her beloved Beast. She once dreamed of a life of books and family, but now she is torn between her humble past and being smack dab in the spotlight.

Then Belle makes a grave mistake—she sticks her nose where it doesn’t belong; this results in her receiving a grave warning. As Belle fights a rebellion literally knocking on her door, she has to decide if she is strong enough to accept reality or fall back into her own corner. If the spell is broken, what will happen next?

“Rebel Rose” is a wonderful story, a continuation of a much-loved tale. It’s nostalgic and will appeal to those who love Disney and fairy tales. I loved seeing Mrs. Potts and all the other sidekicks portrayed as humans, characterizations that put a little spin on old memories.

One of the most exciting things in this book is how it incorporates history into fantasy. Fairytales are supposed to be all rainbows and sunshine, but Theriault twists our minds by setting the story during the revolution. A dash of history definitely enhances the novel, giving an old fairy tale a more realistic feel.

The author has created a beautiful story full of love, fierceness and magic for anyone willing to embark on an adventure, leaving curious of minds to wonder if there really is a “happily ever after.” Fortunately, “Rebel Rose” is the first book in the “Queen’s Council” series—so more intrigue and fun will follow.

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