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"Red Wolf" | Reviewed by Nicole Frankenberg

“Red Wolf,” by Rachel Vincent, is a beautifully written, enticing and fast paced novel by Rachel Vincent. I fell in love with Adele, Max, Sophia and everyone else really early in the book. You follow the characters as they grow both in their relationships with each other and in themselves. You get to watch as Adele goes from a normal village girl, who dreams of marrying her lover, to a fierce monster who does whatever is necessary to protect her village and family.

“Red Wolf” explores a darker side to the well-known story of Little Red Riding Hood. It takes the girl visiting her grandmother in the woods and tums her into the Big Bad Wolf. It gives her a destiny full of death, murder, and challenges, but it also gives her one of protection and support.

Vincent really focuses on the importance of family and the weight of great responsibility on a person. She uses her book to show the darker side, not only of Little Red Riding Hood but of people in the world, both this one and her world too. The author shows us how panic, fear and superstition can bring out a person's shadows and impact how they think and act.

The characters are one of my absolute favorite things about this book. Adele is written in a way that truly makes you feel like her. You can sense her emotions. Her pride, shame, joy, sadness, anger and all the other emotions that are twisted up in this very realistic character. You can see the struggles of Adele's mother and see how some of the tough decisions she has to make throughout the book affect her.

The ending of "Red Wolf" is unexpected, quick and enticing. It brings an amazing story to an even better end and is the perfect touch to this must-read.

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