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"My Darling Girl" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"My Darling Girl," by Jennifer McMahon, is a psychological thriller that will leave you in suspense until the very last line.

Readers will learn about Alison, who grew up with an abusive mother. Alison is estranged from her mother, and is raising her own family until she receives the call.

Mavis, who is Alison's mother, is dying and wishes to spend her final days in Alison's home. In hopes of a closure, Alison accepts, also believing this will offer an opportunity for her daughters to spend time with their grandmother. But soon after Mavis’ arrival, things start to go horribly wrong. When the unexplainable starts happening, Alison realizes that her family is in danger, and it is up to her to save them.

"My Darling Girl" will leave readers unsettled and have them questioning everything, from first page to last. This thriller reads like a movie script, and is genuinely creepy. Readers will definitely want to pick this book up.

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