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Laurie's Pick: "Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow" by Gabrielle Zevin

Sadie and Sam meet as children in the hospital and connect through their love of video games. Sam, whose foot has been crushed in a car accident, is pulled out of his heartbreak by the special connection he finds with Sadie. Their friendship lasts until one of them feels betrayed. An accidental meeting years later leads to a dynamic collaboration when they begin creating games together. They eventually create their own company and success follows. However, lingering resentments and misunderstandings prevail throughout the relationship. At times these seem almost impossible to resolve.

This book has a lot of information about creating and playing video games. Sometimes you are even inside a video game. Under all of this, there is much sadness that comes with everyday life. Escape to the video world is how many handle their pain. This is something Sam and Sadie understand very well. Eventually the characters mature and discover that love does not need to be romantic to last a lifetime.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow kept me rooting for its characters until the very last page. If you love video games, this is one book you should definitely check out!

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