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"Kill Show" | Reviewed by Jenni Olson

"Kill Show" by Daniel Sweren-Becker, is a work of fiction that is meant to read like a true-crime documentary. This story is gripping and will keep the reader engaged until the very end.

Sara, a teenager with a promising future, goes missing in rural Maryland. When her parents receive the call that she never made it to school, the frantic search begins. Sara's younger brother secretly records a vulnerable moment between the parents, and the clip goes viral.

This incident inspires a television show--one developed in hopes of drawing attention to the case and hopefully bringing Sara home. An issue arise, however. The production does not go as planned. Perhaps drawing lots of attention to the case may not have been good. Perhaps certain individuals involved have ulterior motives.

"Kill Show" is written mostly in scripts, which is such a unique way to tell the story. In this way many perspectives can be considered and lots of insight offered so that readers can truly feel invested in Sara's case. With so many unexpected twists and turns, the reader will not be able to put this book down!

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