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"Jules Vs. The Ocean," | Reviewed by Chris Stuckenschneider

“Jules Vs. the Ocean” is a relatable read with clever text and charming illustrations by Jessie Lima, a book that will draw rave reviews from any child who has been to the beach.

On a brilliant, sunny day Jules, her sister and mother rush to the shore to set up their umbrella and enjoy the warm sand and sparkling surf. While Jules stays on the edge of the water digging, scooping and sculpting, her sister rides excellent waves on her surfboard.

Jules is excited to start building the “…biggest, Fanciest…MOST EXCELLENT sandcastle ever. The child’s downfall is thinking "Maybe the Ocean will help.” Jules starts her sandcastle project out small, just one pail of sand turned upside down. She wears a smile of assuredness, while a seagull watches her, a snarky look on its face, knowing the disaster that surely lies ahead.

And there are plenty as the pages turn, “CRASH” after “CRASH” as Jules does battle with the Ocean, while other kids nearby have success creating stately, artful sandcastles. After a giant wave steals her bucket, Jules is ready to throw in the towel, but it’s sis to the rescue, telling Jules “…the Ocean isn’t doing this on purpose,” and lending Jules a hand to save the day.

On the way home mom delivers a lesson about the Ocean that leads to a humorous ending in a book that will be revered long after sand is rinsed from between little toes. Ages 4-8.

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