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"Instant Karma,"| Reviewed by Amber Glastetter

“Instant Karma,” a young adult novel by Marissa Meyers, touches on the moral dilemma of right and wrong, the inner-workings of a seaside animal rescue center, and one girl’s plight from high-strung perfectionist to someone able to relax and have fun.

This endearing tale of Prudence Daniels focuses on her newfound ability to bring karma, both good and bad, to the people of her town with the help of the universe. Rescuing sea lions and baby otters is brought into a whole new light when Prudence is forced to work as a volunteer at Fortuna Beach Sea Animal Rescue Center.

“Instant Karma” will tug at the heart of every reader who picks it up. With the most unlikely of romances and lots of old songs to bring on the nostalgia, this book is a perfect new addition to Meyers’ collection of past 5-star books, titles that include “The Lunar Chronicles,” “Renegades” and my personal favorite “Heartless.”

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