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"If You, Then Me," Reviewed by Amber Glastetter

“If You, Then Me,” by Yvonne Woon, is a heartbreaking romance that illustrates the stark truth of reality. Reading it was like watching an ocean storm, beautiful and deadly, filled with warnings and the drowning sense that you’ll never be the same afterwards.

Reading Xia Chan’s story, one that involved going to California and to the Foundry, the school of her dreams, and attending parties and corporate meetings, was like following a close friend down the wrong path, knowing you can do nothing to stop them.

Xia takes Wiser, her artificial intelligence App to the Foundry—the App predicts Xia’s future and she’s in hopes of becoming the next Founder and getting the opportunity to make her dream a reality. Xia battles betrayal and humiliation, wrong choices and the bitter knowledge of love.

Xia must choose between the online presence ObjectPermanence, who she has always been in love with, and her classmate Mast, who she can't seem to get off her mind. Xia is conflicted, struggles to decide who she is, torn between the place she’s always wanted to be and the idol she never thought she would meet.

This novel carried me along like a rushing river, captivating my attention and pulling at my heart. The struggles Xia faces, the path she walks, are a crushing weight. A story anyone could relate too, “If You, Then Me." it’s more than a book about a coder, it’s a book about life.

Definitely a must read. I cannot thank Woon enough for the book she has written.

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