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Haley's Pick: "One Last Stop" by Casey McQuiston

August Landry is a college student running from a life-long mystery case and her wannabe private investigator mother. August finds herself renting with rowdy roommates in the bustling city of New York and working a waitress job at a local diner who serves endless pancakes. Caught in the busy subway lines of the city, August meets Jane, a mysterious girl who miraculously is always on the same train as her every day. As the girls get to know each other, August finds out through some sort of accident, Jane has been stuck on the Q train since the 1970's. August takes it upon herself to uncover this impossible case while trying not to fall for Jane.

In this New Adult, sapphic love story, we uncover multiple mysteries as August tries to connect the dots from beautiful Jane to a long lost missing uncle. With all your favorite tropes: saving a diner, star-crossed love, and a sci-fi twist, Casey McQuiston's sapphic romance is not one to miss!

Book reviewed by Haley Calvin, Neighborhood Reads Bookseller

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